Complaints Procedure

Who we are

Neighbourly Walls is a trading name and service of Parker, Wayne & Kent Limited. Parker, Wayne & Kent Limited takes full responsibility for the operations and activities of all its brands, including Neighbourly Walls.


To act with integrity at all times.

We will:

  • Treat any complaint seriously and deal with it properly and promptly;
  • Consider complaints independently and impartially;
  • Learn from complaints and take action to improve our service.

If you feel that you have cause for complaint or wish to raise any issue with us, please use the chat box in the bottom right on this screen. If we’re not available immediately, we’ll respond to you via email.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement via email within five working days, to avoid any technical difficulties,  please complain via post to our registered office below.

Any complaint will then be handled in accordance with our complaints procedure below.

What we need to know

  • Your name and details of how to contact you, including email address and telephone number;
  • Details of your complaint;
  • What you would like to happen.

What we will do for you

All complaints are dealt with by the Company Director.

They will:

  • Acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within five working days;
  • Give an indication of how long it will take to send you a detailed response.
  • Investigate your complaint carefully and thoroughly;
  • Write to you with a full reply within 14 working days (occasionally we may need longer than this but this will be indicated in the acknowledgment letter).

Should you not be satisfied with our response you are welcome to refer a complaint regarding relevant services to one of our professional bodies. Any service engaging The Party Wall Act should be referred to The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors. Any other mediation service should be referred to The Society of Mediators.

You will not be treated any less favourably as a result of complaining about our services.

Other Feedback

We would also encourage you to provide us with compliments and feedback if we have exceeded expectations so that we can pass this on to the person/ team involved and learn from things we are doing right as well as from our mistakes.

With your consent we would like to provide a testimonial if you are happy with our services. All steps will be taken to maintain confidentiality where required.

Parker, Wayne & Kent Limited t/a Neighbourly Walls
Registered in England No 04690468
Registered Office: 4a Mattison Road, London, N4 1BD