Building & Construction Mediation

Construction Contract Disputes

Contracts tie people into building projects and govern their execution. Sometimes building projects don’t go to plan: someone may not do what they’re supposed to; money may not have been paid; a mistake may be made; wrong materials may be supplied; work may not be of the appropriate standard; or something unforeseen may turn up which requires a change to the original contract.


Disagreement is not the only result. Inconvenience, additional dirt and damp, stress, animosity, delay and expense often arise almost instantly. Resolving such matters quickly minimises these negative outcomes. Going to court is a long and costly process. In fact, the courts in England & Wales encourage the parties in construction disputes to communicate between themselves. Clause 9 of the Civil Procedure Rules Pre-Action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes says the parties should meet 21 days after a construction Claimant has received a Defendant’s defence to try to resolve their differences.

Our mediators host all such meetings of parties involved, enabling participants to communicate and make decisions that help to complete building projects and to conclude construction contracts.